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Canada Citizenship


A citizen of Canada enjoys a lot more privileges than a permanent residency holder does. If you meet all the requirements for citizenship you can take the citizenship test. Usually, within six months of passing the test you are invited to the oath taking ceremony for the Canadian citizenship pledging their commitment to the responsibilities and privileges of Canadian citizenship.

There are certain rights and privileges which you are entitled to as a Canadian citizen. These rights include right to free thought, speech, practice religion, vote, assemble peacefully, aboriginal people’s rights, mobility rights, equality right and legal rights.


To be eligible for a Canadian citizenship, you need to fulfill certain conditions terms. These eligibility criteria can be categorized as follows:

If you have served in the Canadian armed forces, you are eligible to apply under a fast-track citizenship process.

Citizenship rights comes with some general responsibilities. You as a Canadian citizen, are expected to follow them and carry out peaceful living:

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