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Express Consulting Ltd is dedicated in providing quality services to individuals from across the world. The consultant has up-to-date knowledge of regulations and procedures pertaining to visa applications, immigration & citizenship and is the member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). We work in a friendly environment with our clients. We represent a wide range of clients, irrespective of their nationality or religion. These includes but are not restricted to businessmen, medical practitioners, investors, farmers, senior managers, lawyers, fine arts & performing arts professionals and sportsmen.

Since decades, Canada has been a dream destination for immigrant from all over the world. The reasons for immigrating to
Canada are obvious:

Established civil, legal and political institutions

World class scientific and technological infrastructure

Fair wage and social welfare system

Excellent business and educational opportunities

Time tested financial and monetary backbone

Universal health care system

Freedom to live, speak and practice own religion

Free education for children till Grade 12

Exceptional care and attention to the seniors

Stable Economy since II world War

Recent times have witnessed a greater trend for highly qualified professionals, artists, academics and business persons to immigrate to Canada. This continues to make Canada a truly global and vibrant society.

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